Orion Willits
Adventure Lifestyle and Landscape Photographer

Orion, a 28-year-old adventurer, was fortunate to grow up in the breathtaking mountains of Southwest Colorado, specifically in a charming town called Ridgway. This unique upbringing provided him with abundant resources, wise mentors, and countless experiences to delve into the mountains and canyons that surrounded him.

From a young age, Orion possessed a deep understanding that a conventional desk job would never fulfill his restless spirit. As his passion for photography took hold, he realized that he could transform it into a career and a gateway to further exploration—a realization that breathed new life into his aspirations.

In 2018, Orion obtained a degree in film and photography from Montana State University, equipping him with the technical skills and knowledge to fuel his creative pursuits.

Presently, Orion resides in Telluride, Colorado, passionately embracing a life connected to the outdoors. He continuously evolves his photography skills, capturing captivating images that tell compelling stories.

Feel free to contact Orion at orionwphoto@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries. 

Photograph by Elliot Whitehead

Artist Philosophy

I consider myself exceptionally privileged and fortunate to have grown up in the region of Southwest Colorado. This enchanting location is encompassed by some of the most awe-inspiring mountains on the planet. Within a short car ride, one can find themselves amidst barren deserts and profound canyons carved by mighty rivers. It's a truly remarkable setting that has profoundly shaped both my identity and my artistic expression.

The expansive outdoor playground that surrounded me allowed for activities such as skiing, hiking, camping, rafting, and exploration, all shared with friends and family. This upbringing instilled in me an early appreciation for the profound wonder and transformative influence of these ecological sanctuaries. They've played an instrumental role in molding me into the individual I am today.

As a photographer, my primary objective is to encapsulate the essence of these remarkable locations and the adventures they offer. Through my photography, I aspire to unveil to others the exquisite beauty that I perceive in the natural world. Furthermore, my aim is to ignite a sense of inspiration, motivating others to safeguard these treasures for the generations to come, just as I had the privilege to explore and enjoy during my upbringing.

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