Most people struggle to figure out how to make a living, but my interest falls on those trying to make a life.

I have sought out those unique people who are bridging the gap between the adventure of the outdoors and their own joy of living.

My hypothesis is that more exists within a person than is seen in passing. It is through these photos that I tell the story of how these people define themselves by what they do.

‘Passions’ is an exploration of the individual on their path to enlightenment through extraordinary outdoor adventures. 

Trevor Licalzi

Ellese Lupori

Kincade Pavich

Jack Nichols

Johnny Egan

Johanna Taliharm

Anna Fake

Aj Dayvie

Andrew Hitchcock

Amanda Stelling 

Nik Lampard

Tracy Chubb

Carson Meyer

Matt Wood

Cammy Hursh

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